4th Mar 2015

Info: What's in Development ?

Just an update to let users know what is being developed - release date coming very soon.

Redevelopment of the GUI program (Gtk2 Version).

  • Re-written to seperate core functions and GUI functions to enable other GUI platforms to be used.
  • Improved navigation behaviour.
  • Reduction in required exterior modules. Uses mostly core Perl modules instead of CPAN modules.
  • Image previews will show thumbnails for movie, extra and parent covers and sheets during processing.
  • The user will be able to select different file types and extensions when creating thumbs and sheets.
  • Inclusion of an 'Addons' system, allowing the user to activate/deactivate optional plugins.

  • The Graphics Viewer will become an optional addon instead of being a core function.
  • New addons to include a Subtitles Download Manager and a Playlist Manager (based on genres and 'user preferred' categories and capable of being create from existing TGMD data.).
  • Development of a QT4 Version.

  • Work is underway for a QT4 version but is more complex than Gtk2 so will be issued much later.
  • Windows Version.

  • There is no plan yet to develop a version for Windows, however the new version will be capable of running on Windows using 'Active Perl for Windows'.
  • Movie Collection Manager.

  • A collection manager will be available soon for anyone who needs it. It will use either SQLite or MySQL as the DBMS and can be used to manage your Movie/TV show collection, adding records from either the Internet or from existing 'TGMD' files created in SheetMaker.


    21st May 2014

    Modified Releases:
    GUI 1.29.1
    CLI 1.1.1

  • Fixes broken link to 'theMovieDB.org' fan-art files.

  • 28th Apr 2014

    Modified Releases:
    GUI 1.29.0
    CLI 1.1.0

  • Adjustments made to comply with recent releases of some Linux distributions.
  • Additional adjustments made to the XML compliancy changes.
  • Adjustments made to collecting 'Duration Text' value.
  • Changes to Installation Procedures and Documentation.

    The instructions for the installation of Perl modules and supporting programs have been changed to use less CPAN installs and make more use of available distribution packages (i.e. DEB files and RPM files).

    This should simplify the install process and reduce the problem of module dependency issues.

    20th Mar 2014

    Bug Fix Releases:
    GUI 1.28.3
    CLI 1.0.9

  • Fixes condition where NFO file not being generated for TV episodes.
  • Fixes crash when opening TGMD file where filename contains an apostrophe.
  • Improves NFO file XML-compliancy by encoding special characters.

  • 14th Jan 2014

    If CPAN modules are not installing for you..

    It has come to our attention that the latest release of Linux Mint 16 - Cinnamon version (and possibly others) installs without some critical 'C' libraries necessary for the compilation and installation of the CPAN modules.

    To fix this you may need to install 'libc6-dev' and 'libexpat1-dev' before installing the CPAN modules.
    You can do this using the 'Synaptic Package Manager' or run the commands ..

    'sudo apt-get install libc6-dev'
    'sudo apt-get install libexpat1-dev'

    .. from the command line (i.e. Terminal session).

    8th Jan 2014

    Critical Bug Fix Releases:
    GUI 1.28.2
    CLI 1.0.8

    Fixes data problem that can cause program crash.

    17th Dec 2013

    Minor Bug Fix Releases:
    GUI 1.28.1
    CLI 1.0.7

    Fixes broken Movie year display.

    19th Sep 2013

    Updated Versions Available:
    GUI 1.28
    CLI 1.0.6

    Switch-over to version 3 of the 'themoviedb.org' API - (The previous version has been discontinued).

  • The newer API provides better data and image collection and contains more data elements.
  • The API also provides better language matching and provides a way to indentify language-specific movie cover images.
  • NOTE: These versions require an extra CPAN module, to be loaded. i.e. 'JSON::Parse' (See the module-check programs included in the program bundle.)

    17th Sep 2013

    Important! Previous versions will no longer work on processing Movies

    The cause... 'theMovieDB.org' web site which is accessed to get Movie Posters and data, has changed the method of accessing the data.

    A new release of SheetMaker is being developed with several upgrades and includes this change but is not ready for release yet.

    In the meantime an interim version will be made available over the next day or two that will get the Movies working again.


    Older Messages

      # NOTE: Although SML was written and developed for Linux, it should run on any OS that supports Perl, Gtk2, ImageMagick and Mediainfo.