The Sheetmaker Project has been discontinued


After much consideration the decision has been made to 'humanely euthanise' the dying 'Sheetmaker for Linux' project.

The development of Version 2 has been plagued with the above issues, constantly hindering public release, so I have made the decision not to pursue it any further.

A special thanks to all the supporters over the years.



The original version of the program and templates will remain available here for a while.

Programs (zip 391kb)
SHA256: 1314b1d05c4a556918b40afb4732f6c1fd4a8c192bbaaef6075ab680a9538edd

Documents (zip 1.7MB)
SHA256: 31e10864be11fc61769138c6c5387558509539ba2a13f9f23d2d27df114bdaee

Templates (zip 73MB)
SHA256: dbed7bb905eb4e8e3c58783c4149e97637079c8c2532c16d75d115d4bd4edcdc